September 27, 2013

That Was the Week that Was...(Trish)

Things flow by fast on Facebook and Twitter, so I thought I might post here on Fridays if there was some Am Nat/ASN news that shouldn't get too lost in the stream.

Ruth Patrick Died at the Age of 105

Ruth Patrick was an amazing woman. In addition to all of her other activities, she was the first woman to be president of the ASN (1975) and was an Honorary Lifetime Member. The student poster award inaugurated this year was named in her honor. We'll be running an "in memoriam" article for her in the journal later this year.

More can be found in her obituaries in the Washington Post:

and the New York Times:
The Times had my favorite photo of her! Check it out!

Nature Research Highlights

Brett A. Goodman, Lin Schwarzkopf, and Andrew K. Krockenberger
“Phenotypic integration in response to incubation environment adaptively influences habitat choice in a tropical lizard”

Registration for the ASN Meeting in January at Asilomar Closed 

Well, actually that was last week, but the organizers are taking names for the waiting list if you are still interested in going to #ASN2014. In the meantime, they created an image of most common words in the abstracts submitted:

That Was the Week that Was

I used that title in honor of the passing of David Frost, who was the host of the great satirical show that included writers like Peter Cook and John Cleese. It lives on via YouTube.

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