April 30, 2019


Recent Papers

E. Keith Bowers, Jonathan B. Jenkins, Alexander J. Mueller, Kelly D. Miller, Charles F. Thompson, and Scott K. Sakaluk

Mary Caswell Stoddard and Daniel Osorio

Natacha Rossi, David Baracchi, Martin Giurfa, and Patrizia d’Ettorre

Natural History Note
Robin M. Tinghitella, E. Dale Broder, Gabrielle A. Gurule-Small, Claudia J. Hallagan, and Jacob D. Wilson

Sarah N. Mattey, Jon Richardson, Tom Ratz, and Per T. Smiseth
Lay summary: 

ASN Address
Trevor D. Price

William F. Fagan, Eliezer Gurarie, Sharon Bewick, Allison Howard, Robert Stephen Cantrell, and Chris Cosner

Phenotypic Plasticity

Recent Papers

Open Access
Ecological Genetic Conflict: Genetic Architecture Can Shift the Balance between Local Adaptation and Plasticity
Olof Leimar, Sasha R. X. Dall, John M. McNamara, Bram Kuijper, and Peter Hammerstein

Open Access
Kenji Matsuura, Nobuaki Mizumoto, Kazuya Kobayashi, Tomonari Nozaki, Tadahide Fujita, Toshihisa Yashiro, Taro Fuchikawa, Yuki Mitaka, and Edward L. Vargo

Open Access
Jip J. C. Ramakers, Marleen M. P. Cobben, Piter Bijma, Thomas E. Reed, Marcel E. Visser, and Phillip Gienapp

April 29, 2019


Recent Papers in Dispersal

Philip H. Crowley, Pete C. Trimmer, Orr Spiegel, Sean M. Ehlman, William S. Cuello, and Andrew Sih

Heterogeneous Matrix Habitat Drives Species Occurrences in Complex, Fragmented Landscapes
Jedediah F. Brodie and William D. Newmark

Predator-Prey Games in Multiple Habitats Reveal Mixed Strategies in Diel Vertical Migration
Jérôme Pinti and André W. Visser
Summary: https://www.amnat.org/an/newpapers/MarPinti.html

The Evolution of Marine Larval Dispersal Kernels in Spatially Structured Habitats: Analytical Models, Individual-Based Simulations, and Comparisons with Empirical Estimates
Allison K. Shaw, Cassidy C. D’Aloia, and Peter M. Buston
Summary: https://www.amnat.org/an/newpapers/MarShaw.html

American Society of Naturalists Address
The Snail’s Charm
Kathleen Donohue

An Empirical and Mechanistic Explanation of Abundance-Occupancy Relationships for a Critically Endangered Nomadic Migrant
Matthew H. Webb, Robert Heinsohn, William J. Sutherland, Dejan Stojanovic, and Aleks Terauds

Metaecosystem Dynamics of Marine Phytoplankton Alters Resource Use Efficiency along Stoichiometric Gradients
Nils Gülzow, Yanis Wahlen, and Helmut Hillebrand

Daniel J. Becker, Celine E. Snedden, Sonia Altizer, and Richard J. Hall

Natural History Note
C. J. Battey, Ethan B. Linck, Kevin L. Epperly, Cooper French, David L. Slager, Paul W. Sykes Jr., and John Klicka

Enrico Pirotta, Marc Mangel, Daniel P. Costa, Bruce Mate, Jeremy A. Goldbogen, Daniel M. Palacios, Luis A. Hückstädt, Elizabeth A. McHuron, Lisa Schwarz, and Leslie New

Diane R. Campbell, Alison K. Brody, Mary V. Price, Nickolas M. Waser, and George Aldridge

Franck A. Hollander, Nicolas Titeux, Marie-Jeanne Holveck, and Hans Van Dyck

April 9, 2019

Diversity and Diversification

Recent Papers

Jesús N. Pinto-Ledezma, Alex E. Jahn, Victor R. Cueto, José Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho, and Fabricio Villalobos

Nicolas Azaña Schnedler-Meyer, Simone Pigolotti, and Patrizio Mariani

Open Access
Jeremy J. Heath, Patrick Abbot, and John O. Stireman III

Lay summary: http://www.amnat.org/an/newpapers/JuneConith.html

Fifty Years of Mountain Passes: A Perspective on Dan Janzen’s Classic Article
Kimberly S. Sheldon, Raymond B. Huey, Michael Kaspari, and Nathan J. Sanders

Raisa Hernández-Pacheco and Ulrich K. Steiner

Open Access
John N. Thompson, Christopher Schwind, and Magne Friberg

Open Access

Open Access
Antonin Machac and Catherine H. Graham

Synthesis, Open Access
Shaping the Latitudinal Diversity Gradient: New Perspectives from a Synthesis of Paleobiology and Biogeography
David Jablonski, Shan Huang, Kaustuv Roy, and James W. Valentine
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JanJablonski.html


Recent Papers 

Note, Open Access

Mollie E. Brooks, Christopher Clements, Josephine Pemberton, and Arpat Ozgul

Christina M. Caruso, Ryan A. Martin,2,† Nina Sletvold, Michael B. Morrissey, Michael J. Wade, Kate E. Augustine, Stephanie M. Carlson, Andrew D. C. MacColl, Adam M. Siepielski, and Joel G. Kingsolver

Open Access
Jonas Wickman, Sebastian Diehl, Bernd Blasius, Christopher A. Klausmeier, Alexey B. Ryabov, and Åke Brännström

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