October 22, 2019


Recent Papers 

Introduction to Special Feature on Maladaptation
Steven P. Brady, Daniel I. Bolnick, Rowan D. H. Barrett, Lauren Chapman, Erika Crispo, Alison M. Derry, Christopher G. Eckert, Dylan J. Fraser, Gregor F. Fussmann, Andrew Gonzalez, Frederic Guichard, Thomas Lamy, Jeffrey Lane, Andrew G. McAdam, Amy E. M. Newman, Antoine Paccard, Bruce Robertson, Gregor Rolshausen, Patricia M. Schulte, Andrew M. Simons, Mark Vellend, and Andrew Hendry

Free Access, Special Feature on Maladaptation
Olivier Cotto, Linnea Sandell, Luis-Miguel Chevin, and Ophélie Ronce

Free Access, Special Feature on Maladaptation
Mark C. Urban, Alice Scarpa, Justin M. J. Travis, and Greta Bocedi

Special Feature on Maladaptation
Andrew G. McAdam, Stan Boutin, Ben Dantzer, and Jeffrey E. Lane

Special Feature on Maladaptation
Jeffrey E. Lane, Zenon J. Czenze, Rachel Findlay-Robinson, and Erin Bayne

James H. Peniston, Michael Barfield, and Robert D. Holt

Christopher J. Dibble and Volker H. W. Rudolf

Free Access, Synthesis
Yvonne Willi and Josh Van Buskirk

Historical Comment
Raymond B. Huey, Theodore Garland Jr., and Michael Turelli

Free Access
Hanna ten Brink, André M. de Roos, and Ulf Dieckmann

American Society of Naturalists Address
Kathleen Donohue

Olof Leimar, Sasha R. X. Dall, John M. McNamara, Bram Kuijper, and Peter Hammerstein

Open Access
Sidney F. Gouveia, Rafael P. Bovo, Juan G. Rubalcaba, Fernando Rodrigues Da Silva, Natan M. Maciel, Denis V. Andrade, and Pablo Ariel Martinez

Extreme Insolation: Climatic Variation Shapes the Evolution of Thermal Tolerance at Multiple Scales
Kaitlin M. Baudier, Catherine L. D’Amelio, Rumaan Malhotra, Michael P. O’Connor, and Sean O’Donnell
Lay summary: https://www.amnat.org/an/newpapers/SepBaudier.html

Plant Strategies along Resource Gradients
Thomas Koffel, Tanguy Daufresne, François Massol, and Christopher A. Klausmeier

Genomic Contingencies and the Potential for Local Adaptation in a Hybrid Species
Anna Runemark, Laura Piñeiro Fernández, Fabrice Eroukhmanoff, and Glenn-Peter Sætre
Lay summary: https://www.amnat.org/an/newpapers/JulyRunemark.html

Open Access
Maternal Effects in a Wild Songbird Are Environmentally Plastic but Only Marginally Alter the Rate of Adaptation
Jip J. C. Ramakers, Marleen M. P. Cobben, Piter Bijma, Thomas E. Reed, Marcel E. Visser, and Phillip Gienapp
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JulyRunemark.html

Constraints Imposed by a Natural Landscape Override Offspring Fitness Effects to Shape Oviposition Decisions in Wild Forked Fungus Beetles
Corlett W. Wood, Eric W. Wice, Jill del Sol, Sarah Paul, Brian J. Sanderson, and Edmund D. Brodie III
Abstract: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/AprWood-A.html

Female Density-Dependent Chemical Warfare Underlies Fitness Effects of Group Sex Ratio in Flour Beetles
Imroze Khan, Arun Prakash, Swastika Issar, Mihir Umarani, Rohit Sasidharan, Jagadeesh N. Masagalli, Prakash Lama, Radhika Venkatesan, and Deepa Agashe
Abstract: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/MarKhan-A.html

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