November 13, 2019


Recent Papers

Free Access
Clarke Knight, Jessica L. Blois, Benjamin Blonder, Marc Macias-Fauria, Alejandro Ordonez, and Jens-Christian Svenning

Staffan Jacob, Alexis S. Chaine, Michèle Huet, Jean Clobert, and Delphine Legrand

Nathan I. Wisnoski, Mathew A. Leibold, and Jay T. Lennon

Dominik W. Schmid, Matthew D. McGee, Rebecca J. Best, Ole Seehausen, and Blake Matthews

Open Access
Lawrence H. Uricchio, S. Caroline Daws, Erin R. Spear, and Erin A. Mordecai

Patrick A. Clay, Kailash Dhir, Volker H. W. Rudolf, and Meghan A. Duffy

Sophia I. Passy, Chad A. Larson, Aurélien Jamoneau, William Budnick, Jani Heino, Thibault Leboucher, Juliette Tison-Rosebery, and Janne Soininen

Multivariate Climate Change Can Favor Large Herbivore Body Size in Food Webs
Lauren M. Smith-Ramesh, Adam E. Rosenblatt, and Oswald J. Schmitz
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Open Access
Adaptive Divergence in a Defense Symbiosis Driven from the Top Down
Jeremy J. Heath, Patrick Abbot, and John O. Stireman III
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Frequency Dependence and Ecological Drift Shape Coexistence of Species with Similar Niches
Erik I. Svensson, Miguel A. Gómez-Llano, Anais Rivas Torres, and Hanna M. Bensch
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Eco-Evolutionary Buffering: Rapid Evolution Facilitates Regional Species Coexistence despite Local Priority Effects
Meike J. Wittmann and Tadashi Fukami

Tipping Points in Resource Abundance Drive Irreversible Changes in Community Structure
Seth D. Haney and Adam M. Siepielski
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Species Pool Functional Diversity Plays a Hidden Role in Generating β-Diversity
Christopher J. Patrick and Bryan L. Brown
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Neutral Community Dynamics and the Evolution of Species Interactions
Marco Túlio P. Coelho and Thiago F. Rangel
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Partitioning the Effects of Eco-Evolutionary Feedbacks on Community Stability
Swati Patel, Michael H. Cortez, and Sebastian J. Schreiber

Evolution in a Community Context: Trait Responses to Multiple Species Interactions
Casey P. terHorst, Peter C. Zee, Katy D. Heath, Thomas E. Miller, Abigail I. Pastore, Swati Patel, Sebastian J. Schreiber, Michael J. Wade, and Matthew R. Walsh
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Patterns of Local Community Composition Are Linked to Large-Scale Diversification and Dispersal of Clades
John J. Wiens
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American Society of Naturalists Address
The Ecological Dynamics of Natural Selection: Traits and the Coevolution of Community Structure
Mark A. McPeek
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In Memoriam, Open Access: 
Brian R. Silliman, Peter Kareiva, and Catherine A. Pfister

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