April 9, 2019


Recent Papers 

American Society of Naturalists Presidential Address
Kathleen Donohue

The Role of Pleiotropy in the Evolutionary Maintenance of Positive Niche Construction
Rebecca H. Chisholm, Brian D. Connelly, Benjamin Kerr, and Mark M. Tanaka
Abstract: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JulyChisholm-A.html

Frequency Dependence and Ecological Drift Shape Coexistence of Species with Similar Niches
Erik I. Svensson, Miguel A. Gómez-Llano, Anais Rivas Torres, and Hanna M. Bensch
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JuneSvensson.html

Testing Range-Limit Hypotheses Using Range-Wide Habitat Suitability and Occupancy for the Scarlet Monkeyflower (Erythranthe cardinalis)
Amy L. Angert, Matthew Bayly, Seema N. Sheth, and John R. Paul
Abstract: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/MarAngert-A.html

Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of Thermal Niche Partitioning
Daniel J. Smith and Priyanga Amarasekare
Abstract: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/MarSmith-A.html

Life-History Traits Evolved Jointly with Climatic Niche and Disturbance Regime in the Genus Leucadendron (Proteaceae)
Jeanne Tonnabel, Frank M. Schurr, Florian Boucher, Wilfried Thuiller, Julien Renaud, Emmanuel J. P. Douzery, and Ophélie Ronce
Abstract: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/FebTonnabel-A.html

Toward a Periodic Table of Niches, or Exploring the Lizard Niche Hypervolume
Eric R. Pianka, Laurie J. Vitt, Nicolás Pelegrin, Daniel B. Fitzgerald, and Kirk O. Winemiller
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/NovPianka.html

Microhabitat and Climatic Niche Change Explain Patterns of Diversification among Frog Families
Daniel S. Moen and John J. Wiens
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JulyMoen.html

Open Access
A Parent-Offspring Trade-Off Limits the Evolution of an Ontogenetic Niche Shift
Hanna ten Brink and André M. de Roos
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JulyTenBrink.html

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