December 1, 2021

New American Naturalist editorial staff

Since Trish Morse retired in October 2020, Owen Cook has heroically managed all of the parts of The American Naturalist's editorial office solo. This includes checking incoming manuscripts for compliance, contacting Associate Editors picked by the Editors to handle a paper, and contacting reviewers for the AEs, sending reminders about overdue reviews and recommendation letters, responding to author queries, checking manuscript files and giving feedback on figure formatting, and much much more. He has truly been doing two jobs for the past year. Thanks Owen!

Luckily we now have been able to recruit two part-time helpers to assist Owen. Please extend a warm welcome to:

Alex Yu:

Alex (she/her/hers) is a Master of Humanities(MAPH) student at UChicago, currently working on her creative writing & translation thesis; in her spare time she is a travel writer, poet as well as vlogger. 

Evan Williams
Evan Williams (he/him/his) is a poet and essayist studying at the University of Chicago where he writes on topics ranging from surrealism to masculinity to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.  

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