February 7, 2014

The Awards of Asilomar #ASN2014

Don Abbott Postdoc Research Award:


Carl Boettiger, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Ecological management for an uncertain world: robust decision theory in face of regime shifts"


Alex Jordan, University of Texas, Austin
"Reproductive foraging theory: spider males choose mates by selecting among competitive environments"

Benjamin Callahan, Stanford University
"Niche construction evolves quickly and repeatably in experimental microbial populations"

Ed Ricketts Student Talk Award


Marjorie Weber, Cornell University
"Merging phylogenetic and experimental methods to test hypotheses about the evolution of mutualistic defensive traits in plants"


Jason Shapiro, Yale University
"The role of pleiotropy in horizontally transmitted mutualistic symbioses"

Rachael Bay, Stanford University
"Genomic differences reflect fitness over a small-scale thermal gradient"

Ruth Patrick Student Poster Award


David Harris, University of California, Davis
"Generating realistic species assemblies with a partially observed Markov random field"

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