February 7, 2014

Tweets of Asilomar #ASN2014

There was a hum of talk in person and on Twitter during the meetings, so I decided to capture a few for posterity--and to inspire the next one!

Rachael Bay (@RachaelABay)
Excited to be at the first ASN meeting in 12 years! #ASN2014

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Wow live tweeting a meeting is harder than I expected! Many interesting convos going on in life & online! #ASN2014

Ben Sheldon (@Ben_Sheldon_EGI)
Wi-fi problems during symp, but highlights tour-de-force presentations by de Meester and Nosil on microgeographic adaptation #ASN2014

Caitlin MacKenzie (@CaitlinInMaine)
#ASN2014 has pushed me out of my comfort zone -- both in model complexity & west-coast study systems. But, I love it!

Alex Perkins (@TAlexPerkins)
@cboettig thanks for #asn2014 debate coverage. sounds like a real brawl. we need these at every meeting!
Jenna Morgan Lang (@jennomics)
Some talks are SO hard to live tweet because the speaker is rapid-firing too much cool stuff. I'm looking at you, @TadashiFukami #ASN2014

Caitlin MacKenzie (@CaitlinInMaine)
Overheard at #ASN2014 "I'm definitely being stretched here, but stretched in a good way. Mental yoga."

Marc Mangel (@MarcMangel1)
Am Nat is my favorite journal and this ASN meeting is superb!
Do it again, Council

Luke Harmon (@lukejharmon)
Had a great time at #ASN2014. Thanks for all the zombie love. Shout out to Dan Bolnick for an amazing mtg and Trevor Price for the debate.

Marc Johnson (@evoecolab)
@ASNAmNat Regretting not going to #ASN2014. Sounded amazing! My type of meeting ...

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Andrew Beckerman: daphnia have locally adapted developmental plasticity. Sweet combo of common garden & genomics, much to chew on. #ASN2014

Jenna Morgan Lang (@jennomics)
.@boechera just gave THE most awesomest talk. I'm totally jonesing to read soil microbe/plant phenology paper now! #ASN2014

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Spent a satisfying afternoon working on #science with @dr_k_lo #ASN2014

Andrew Beckerman (@beckerhopper)
So long #ASN2014 and thanks for all the sunny science. Well done team @DanielBolnick

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Sorry to be leaving Asilomar today. Thanks for a great meeting @ASNAmNat ! #asn2014

Daniel Bolnick (@DanielBolnick)
If you didn't get a chance to buy one of Alex Wild's photo in the raffle / silent auction, visit alexanderwild.com & mention #ASN2014

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