August 7, 2020


Recent Papers

Free Access
Christine Sample, Joanna A. Bieri, Benjamin Allen, Yulia Dementieva, Alyssa Carson, Connor Higgins, Sadie Piatt, Shirley Qiu, Summer Stafford, Brady J. Mattsson, Darius J. Semmens, Jay E. Diffendorfer, and Wayne E. Thogmartin

Free Access
Sonya K. Auer, Ronald D. Bassar, Daniel Turek, Graeme J. Anderson, Simon McKelvey, John D. Armstrong, Keith H. Nislow, Helen K. Downie, Thomas A. J. Morgan, Darryl McLennan, and Neil B. Metcalfe

Celina B. Baines, Salma Diab, and Shannon J. McCauley

Quinn M. R. Webber, Michel P. Laforge, Maegwin Bonar, Alec L. Robitaille, Christopher Hart, Sana Zabihi-Seissan, and Eric Vander Wal

Valentine Federico, Dominique Allainé, Jean-Michel Gaillard, and Aurélie Cohas

Jason Matthiopoulos, John Fieberg, Geert Aarts, Frédéric Barraquand, and Bruce E. Kendall

Rachel R. Harman, Jerome Goddard II, Ratnasingham Shivaji, and James T. Cronin

Nikunj Goel, Vishwesha Guttal, Simon A. Levin, and A. Carla Staver


Javier Jarillo, Bernt-Erik Sæther, Steinar Engen, and Francisco Javier Cao-García


Staffan Jacob, Alexis S. Chaine, Michèle Huet, Jean Clobert, and Delphine Legrand

Free Access, Note
Rampal S. Etienne, Juliano Sarmento Cabral, Oskar Hagen, Florian Hartig, Allen H. Hurlbert, Loïc Pellissier, Mikael Pontarp, and David Storch

James H. Peniston, Michael Barfield, and Robert D. Holt

Free Access
Maxime Deforet, Carlos Carmona-Fontaine, Kirill S. Korolev, and Joao B. Xavier

Nathan I. Wisnoski, Mathew A. Leibold, and Jay T. Lennon

Philip H. Crowley, Pete C. Trimmer, Orr Spiegel, Sean M. Ehlman, William S. Cuello, and Andrew Sih

Heterogeneous Matrix Habitat Drives Species Occurrences in Complex, Fragmented Landscapes
Jedediah F. Brodie and William D. Newmark

Predator-Prey Games in Multiple Habitats Reveal Mixed Strategies in Diel Vertical Migration
Jérôme Pinti and André W. Visser

The Evolution of Marine Larval Dispersal Kernels in Spatially Structured Habitats: Analytical Models, Individual-Based Simulations, and Comparisons with Empirical Estimates
Allison K. Shaw, Cassidy C. D’Aloia, and Peter M. Buston

American Society of Naturalists Address
The Snail’s Charm
Kathleen Donohue

An Empirical and Mechanistic Explanation of Abundance-Occupancy Relationships for a Critically Endangered Nomadic Migrant
Matthew H. Webb, Robert Heinsohn, William J. Sutherland, Dejan Stojanovic, and Aleks Terauds

Metaecosystem Dynamics of Marine Phytoplankton Alters Resource Use Efficiency along Stoichiometric Gradients
Nils Gülzow, Yanis Wahlen, and Helmut Hillebrand

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