May 9, 2019


Recent Papers

Lea M. Callan, Frank A. La Sorte, Thomas E. Martin, and Vanya G. Rohwer

Julie C. Blackwood, Jonathan Machta, Alexander D. Meyer, Andrew E. Noble, Alan Hastings, and Andrew M. Liebhold

Branch Thinning and the Large-Scale, Self-Similar Structure of Trees
Lars Hellström, Linus Carlsson, Daniel S. Falster, Mark Westoby, and Åke Brännström
Lay summary:

Open Access
The Breakdown of Static and Evolutionary Allometries during Climatic Upheaval
Anieke Brombacher, Paul A. Wilson, Ian Bailey, and Thomas H. G. Ezard

Estimation of Individual Growth Trajectories When Repeated Measures Are Missing
Mollie E. Brooks, Christopher Clements, Josephine Pemberton, and Arpat Ozgul

Julia B. Saltz, Seana Lymer, Jessica Gabrielian, and Sergey V. Nuzhdin

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