June 10, 2020

Parental Care

Recent Papers

Philip A. Downing, Ashleigh S. Griffin, and Charlie K. Cornwallis

Christopher G. Mull, Kara E. Yopak, and Nicholas K. Dulvy

Patrick M. Barks and Robert A. Laird

Juan Gabriel Martínez, Mercedes Molina-Morales, Marta Precioso, and Jesús Miguel Avilés

E. Keith Bowers, Jonathan B. Jenkins, Alexander J. Mueller, Kelly D. Miller, Charles F. Thompson, and Scott K. Sakaluk

Evolution of Personal and Social Immunity in the Context of Parental Care
Michelle A. Ziadie, Felicia Ebot-Ojong, Elizabeth C. McKinney, and Allen J. Moore

Open Access

Sarah N. Mattey, Jon Richardson, Tom Ratz, and Per T. Smiseth

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