March 15, 2019

Modeling and Theory

Recent Papers

Pinning this one--
American Society of Naturalists Address
Marlene Zuk and Mike Travisano

Signal Detection Theory
Sean M. Ehlman, Pete C. Trimmer, and Andrew Sih

Open Access, Evolutionary Theory

Elodie C. Parain, Rudolf P. Rohr, Sarah M. Gray, and Louis-Félix Bersier

Arne Jungwirth and Rufus A. Johnstone

Open Access
Pia Backmann, Volker Grimm, Gottfried Jetschke, Yue Lin, Matthijs Vos, Ian T. Baldwin, and Nicole M. van Dam

Open Access
Sidney F. Gouveia, Rafael P. Bovo, Juan G. Rubalcaba, Fernando Rodrigues Da Silva, Natan M. Maciel, Denis V. Andrade, and Pablo Ariel Martinez

Rémi Patin, Daniel Fortin, Cédric Sueur, and Simon Chamaillé-Jammes

Open Access
Kenji Matsuura, Nobuaki Mizumoto, Kazuya Kobayashi, Tomonari Nozaki, Tadahide Fujita, Toshihisa Yashiro, Taro Fuchikawa, Yuki Mitaka, and Edward L. Vargo

Open Access
Kjetil Lysne Voje, Jostein Starrfelt, and Lee Hsiang Liow

Lisa Fourtune, Jérôme G. Prunier, Ivan Paz-Vinas, Géraldine Loot, Charlotte Veyssière, and Simon Blanchet

Theoretical Ecology
Matthew L. Forister and Stephen H. Jenkins


Recent Papers

Dominik W. Schmid, Matthew D. McGee, Rebecca J. Best, Ole Seehausen, and Blake Matthews

Open Access
Lawrence H. Uricchio, S. Caroline Daws, Erin R. Spear, and Erin A. Mordecai

Patrick A. Clay, Kailash Dhir, Volker H. W. Rudolf, and Meghan A. Duffy

Sophia I. Passy, Chad A. Larson, Aurélien Jamoneau, William Budnick, Jani Heino, Thibault Leboucher, Juliette Tison-Rosebery, and Janne Soininen

Multivariate Climate Change Can Favor Large Herbivore Body Size in Food Webs
Lauren M. Smith-Ramesh, Adam E. Rosenblatt, and Oswald J. Schmitz
Lay summary:

Open Access
Adaptive Divergence in a Defense Symbiosis Driven from the Top Down
Jeremy J. Heath, Patrick Abbot, and John O. Stireman III
Lay summary:

Frequency Dependence and Ecological Drift Shape Coexistence of Species with Similar Niches
Erik I. Svensson, Miguel A. Gómez-Llano, Anais Rivas Torres, and Hanna M. Bensch
Lay summary:

Eco-Evolutionary Buffering: Rapid Evolution Facilitates Regional Species Coexistence despite Local Priority Effects
Meike J. Wittmann and Tadashi Fukami

Tipping Points in Resource Abundance Drive Irreversible Changes in Community Structure
Seth D. Haney and Adam M. Siepielski
Lay summary:

Species Pool Functional Diversity Plays a Hidden Role in Generating β-Diversity
Christopher J. Patrick and Bryan L. Brown
Lay summary:

Neutral Community Dynamics and the Evolution of Species Interactions
Marco Túlio P. Coelho and Thiago F. Rangel
Lay summary:

Partitioning the Effects of Eco-Evolutionary Feedbacks on Community Stability
Swati Patel, Michael H. Cortez, and Sebastian J. Schreiber

Evolution in a Community Context: Trait Responses to Multiple Species Interactions
Casey P. terHorst, Peter C. Zee, Katy D. Heath, Thomas E. Miller, Abigail I. Pastore, Swati Patel, Sebastian J. Schreiber, Michael J. Wade, and Matthew R. Walsh
Lay summary:

Patterns of Local Community Composition Are Linked to Large-Scale Diversification and Dispersal of Clades
John J. Wiens
Lay summary:

Multispecies Coexistence without Diffuse Competition; or, Why Phylogenetic Signal and Trait Clustering Weaken Coexistence
Simon Maccracken Stump
Lay summary:

Plant Size and Competitive Dynamics along Nutrient Gradients
Deborah E. Goldberg, Jason P. Martina, Kenneth J. Elgersma, and William S. Currie

Decreasing Stoichiometric Resource Quality Drives Compensatory Feeding across Trophic Levels in Tropical Litter Invertebrate Communities
Malte Jochum, Andrew D. Barnes, David Ott, Birgit Lang, Bernhard Klarner, Achmad Farajallah, Stefan Scheu, and Ulrich Brose
Lay summary:

Network Structure and Selection Asymmetry Drive Coevolution in Species-Rich Antagonistic Interactions
Cecilia S. Andreazzi, John N. Thompson, and Paulo R. Guimarães Jr.
Lay summary:

The Implications of Eco-Evolutionary Processes for the Emergence of Marine Plankton Community Biogeography
Boris Sauterey, Ben Ward, Jonathan Rault, Chris Bowler, and David Claessen
Lay summary:

Note, Open Access
Ecological Pleiotropy Suppresses the Dynamic Feedback Generated by a Rapidly Changing Trait
John P. DeLong
Lay summary:

American Society of Naturalists Address
The Ecological Dynamics of Natural Selection: Traits and the Coevolution of Community Structure
Mark A. McPeek
Lay summary:

Natural History Note
Renée A. Duckworth and Georgy A. Semenov

Kristin Precoda, Andrew P. Allen, Liesl Grant, and Joshua S. Madin

Open Access
Remi Vergnon, Mark K. J. Ooi, and Robert P. Freckleton

Jahnavi Joshi, Anupama Prakash, and Krushnamegh Kunte

In Memoriam, Open Access: 
Brian R. Silliman, Peter Kareiva, and Catherine A. Pfister

Adaptive Radiation

Recent Paper

Sonal Singhal, Huateng Huang, Maggie R. Grundler, María R. Marchán-Rivadeneira, Iris Holmes, Pascal O. Title, Stephen C. Donnellan, and Daniel L. Rabosky

John J. Schenk and Scott J. Steppan

Steven Poe, Adrián Nieto-Montes de Oca, Omar Torres-Carvajal, Kevin de Queiroz, Julián A. Velasco, Brad Truett, Levi N. Gray, Mason J. Ryan, Gunther Köhler, Fernando Ayala-Varela, and Ian Latella

Greg M. Walter, J. David Aguirre, Mark W. Blows, and Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos

Open Access
Magnus Clarke, Gavin H. Thomas, and Robert P. Freckleton