February 22, 2018

Changing Landscape of Science Publishing

I was asked to provide some background for a class on Ethics in the Darwinian Sciences on the topic of the Changing Landscape of Science Publishing. Here's the list of resources I thought made a starting point into the ethical questions and changes going on.--Trish


To sort out thorny issues (e.g., authorship disputes, accusations of plagiarism, retractions): Committee on Publication Ethics [COPE]: https://publicationethics.org/

To cover the basic responsibilities and ethics of each role in publishing: Council of Science Editors [CSE]: https://www.councilscienceeditors.org/

To get an overview on copyright, publication agreements, and creative commons licenses: https://dynamicecology.wordpress.com/2018/02/07/intellectual-property-law-101-for-academics/

Guides on how to


Solve the questions of authorship BEFORE you write the paper

Peer Review

Open Science

Learn what your funders require--Gold OA, Green OA, self-archiving, opening the paywall, APCs, licenses. Read anything you sign.

Arguments for Open Science at all project stages


Early sharing, green open access, disrupting traditional publishing

Evaluation Metrics

Science Social Media


Blog by Publishers on the Changing Landscape

February 14, 2018


Andrew J. Tanentzap, Javier Igea, Matthew G. Johnston, and Matthew J. Larcombe

Alberto Martín-Serra and Roger B. J. Benson

Open Access, Symposium
Emma E. Goldberg and Jasmine Foo

Xu-Li Fan, Guillaume Chomicki, Kai Hao, Qiang Liu, Ying-Ze Xiong, Susanne S. Renner, Jiang-Yun Gao, and Shuang-Quan Huang

Adrien Perrard

Beatriz Willink, M. Catherine Duryea, and Erik I. Svensson

Karl Loeffler-Henry, Changku Kang, and Thomas N. Sherratt

Maren N. Vitousek, Michele A. Johnson, Cynthia J. Downs, Eliot T. Miller, Lynn B. Martin, Clinton D. Francis, Jeremy W. Donald, Matthew J. Fuxjager, Wolfgang Goymann, Michaela Hau, Jerry F. Husak, Bonnie K. Kircher, Rosemary Knapp, Laura A. Schoenle, and Tony D. Williams

Historical Perspective
Raymond B. Huey, Theodore Garland Jr., and Michael Turelli