October 5, 2017


Recent Papers in Adaptation

Luis-Miguel Chevin, Olivier Cotto, and Jaime Ashander

American Society of Naturalists Address
Trevor D. Price

Matthew M. Osmond, Sarah P. Otto, and Christopher A. Klausmeier

Open Access
Stephen R. Proulx and Henrique Teotónio

Natural History Note
Terry J. Ord, Thomas C. Summers, Mae M. Noble, and Christopher J. Fulton

Open Access
Kimberly J. Gilbert, Nathaniel P. Sharp, Amy L. Angert, Gina L. Conte, Jeremy A. Draghi, Frédéric Guillaume, Anna L. Hargreaves, Remi Matthey-Doret, and Michael C. Whitlock

Open Access
Roberto F. Nespolo, Jaiber J. Solano-Iguaran, and Francisco Bozinovic

Katrien H. P. Van Petegem, Jeroen Boeye, Robby Stoks, and Dries Bonte

Synthesis, Open Access
Sean Hoban, Joanna L. Kelley, Katie E. Lotterhos, Michael F. Antolin, Gideon Bradburd, David B. Lowry, Mary L. Poss, Laura K. Reed, Andrew Storfer, and Michael C. Whitlock

Natural History Note
Bradley C. Allf, Paul A. P. Durst, and David W. Pfennig

Thought-Provoking Am Nat at 150 (part 2)

On January 6, 2017, future Editor-in-Chief @DanielBolnick was inspired by a tweet by Erik Svensson to ask, Dear evolution-ecology twitterverse: what is the most influential American Naturalist paper, for your own career?

There were a lot of responses!
Part 1 was here:

I just bumped back into my file of captures, so here's part 2:

Butch Brodie‏
Queller 1992 pulled together disparate world views for me

Sebastian Schreiber‏
Two for me:
JH Gillespie. 1977. Natural selection for variances in offspring numbers: a new evolutionary principle
RD Holt & JH Lawton. 1993. Apparent competition and enemy-free space in insect host-parasitoid communities 

Flo Débarre‏ @flodebarre 
@seb_schreiber it should go in par with your 2015 @ASNAmNat paper. The Appendix makes everything so clear!

Arvid Ågren‏
another favourite: Mayr (1983) How to carry out the adaptationist program?

Russ Corbett‏
Charlesworth, Coyne and Barton. 1987. The Relative Rates of Evolution of Sex Chromosomes and Autosomes.

Stephen De Lisle‏
Williams 1966 Natural selection, the costs of reproduction, and a refinement of Lack's principle. Short but sweet

jim mallet‏
Maynard Smith, J. 1966. Sympatric speciation. American Naturalist 100:637-650.
Vol. 100 was v. influential! "Pleiotropism," dismissed by JMS, now seems important in speciation

Brian J. Enquist‏
Too many good ones. - how about Janzen 1967; Brown 1984; Pullium 1988
daniel cadena‏
Janzen 1967 - why mountain passes are higher in the tropics.

Gregor Kalinkat‏
Yodzis & Innes 1992; Real 1977; Oaten & Murdoch 1975 - #predator #prey #functionalresponse & #foodwebs

Timothée Poisot‏
oh yeah Real 1977. Big times.
Polis & Strong 1996, Bolnick et al 2003, Futuyma 1976, Fry 1996. I'm a biotic interactions person.

Daniel Matute‏
Noor 1997. How Often Does Sympatry Affect Sexual Isolation in Drosophila?

Matthew Hahn‏
Lynch and Force.

Martha Muñoz‏
Huey et al. 2003. Behavioral drive and behavioral inertia. Brilliant paper!!

More to come!