February 7, 2014

The Awards of Asilomar #ASN2014

Don Abbott Postdoc Research Award:


Carl Boettiger, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Ecological management for an uncertain world: robust decision theory in face of regime shifts"


Alex Jordan, University of Texas, Austin
"Reproductive foraging theory: spider males choose mates by selecting among competitive environments"

Benjamin Callahan, Stanford University
"Niche construction evolves quickly and repeatably in experimental microbial populations"

Ed Ricketts Student Talk Award


Marjorie Weber, Cornell University
"Merging phylogenetic and experimental methods to test hypotheses about the evolution of mutualistic defensive traits in plants"


Jason Shapiro, Yale University
"The role of pleiotropy in horizontally transmitted mutualistic symbioses"

Rachael Bay, Stanford University
"Genomic differences reflect fitness over a small-scale thermal gradient"

Ruth Patrick Student Poster Award


David Harris, University of California, Davis
"Generating realistic species assemblies with a partially observed Markov random field"

Tweets of Asilomar #ASN2014

There was a hum of talk in person and on Twitter during the meetings, so I decided to capture a few for posterity--and to inspire the next one!

Rachael Bay (@RachaelABay)
Excited to be at the first ASN meeting in 12 years! #ASN2014

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Wow live tweeting a meeting is harder than I expected! Many interesting convos going on in life & online! #ASN2014

Ben Sheldon (@Ben_Sheldon_EGI)
Wi-fi problems during symp, but highlights tour-de-force presentations by de Meester and Nosil on microgeographic adaptation #ASN2014

Caitlin MacKenzie (@CaitlinInMaine)
#ASN2014 has pushed me out of my comfort zone -- both in model complexity & west-coast study systems. But, I love it!

Alex Perkins (@TAlexPerkins)
@cboettig thanks for #asn2014 debate coverage. sounds like a real brawl. we need these at every meeting!
Jenna Morgan Lang (@jennomics)
Some talks are SO hard to live tweet because the speaker is rapid-firing too much cool stuff. I'm looking at you, @TadashiFukami #ASN2014

Caitlin MacKenzie (@CaitlinInMaine)
Overheard at #ASN2014 "I'm definitely being stretched here, but stretched in a good way. Mental yoga."

Marc Mangel (@MarcMangel1)
Am Nat is my favorite journal and this ASN meeting is superb!
Do it again, Council

Luke Harmon (@lukejharmon)
Had a great time at #ASN2014. Thanks for all the zombie love. Shout out to Dan Bolnick for an amazing mtg and Trevor Price for the debate.

Marc Johnson (@evoecolab)
@ASNAmNat Regretting not going to #ASN2014. Sounded amazing! My type of meeting ...

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Andrew Beckerman: daphnia have locally adapted developmental plasticity. Sweet combo of common garden & genomics, much to chew on. #ASN2014

Jenna Morgan Lang (@jennomics)
.@boechera just gave THE most awesomest talk. I'm totally jonesing to read soil microbe/plant phenology paper now! #ASN2014

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Spent a satisfying afternoon working on #science with @dr_k_lo #ASN2014

Andrew Beckerman (@beckerhopper)
So long #ASN2014 and thanks for all the sunny science. Well done team @DanielBolnick

Holly Kindsvater (@HollyKindsvater)
Sorry to be leaving Asilomar today. Thanks for a great meeting @ASNAmNat ! #asn2014

Daniel Bolnick (@DanielBolnick)
If you didn't get a chance to buy one of Alex Wild's photo in the raffle / silent auction, visit alexanderwild.com & mention #ASN2014