February 14, 2018


Southern Ocean Mesopelagic Fish Comply with Bergmann’s Rule
Ryan A. Saunders and Geraint A. Tarling

Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/MarSaunders.html

The Evolution of Energetic Scaling across the Vertebrate Tree of Life
Josef C. Uyeda, Matthew W. Pennell, Eliot T. Miller, Rafael Maia, and Craig R. McClain

Natural History Note
Natural History Constrains the Macroevolution of Foot Morphology in European Plethodontid Salamanders
Dean C. Adams, Dana Korneisel, Morgan Young, and Annamaria Nistri
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/AugAdams.html

Countdown to 150, Open Access
A Modest Proposal for Unifying Macroevolution and Ecosystem Ecology
Matthew W. Pennell and Mary I. O’Connor

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