December 6, 2019


Recent Papers

Lucas D. Fernandes, Paula Lemos-Costa, Paulo R. Guimarães Jr., John N. Thompson, and Marcus A. M. de Aguiar

Natural History Note, Open Access
Agnes S. Dellinger, Lisa M. Scheer, Silvia Artuso, Diana Fernández-Fernández, Francisco Sornoza, Darin S. Penneys, Raimund Tenhaken, Stefan Dötterl, and Jürg Schönenberger

Open Access
Andrew Siefert, Kenneth W. Zillig, Maren L. Friesen, and Sharon Y. Strauss

Natural History Note
Nickolas M. Waser, Paul J. CaraDonna, and Mary V. Price

Open Access
Scott L. Nuismer, Bob Week, and Marcelo A. Aizen

Kathrin Näpflin and Paul Schmid-Hempel

Shared Genes but Not Shared Genetic Variation: Legume Colonization by Two Belowground Symbionts 
Julia N. Ossler and Katy D. Heath
Blog and abstract:

Open Access
Coevolution between Mutualists and Parasites in Symbiotic Communities May Lead to the Evolution of Lower Virulence
Paul G. Nelson and Georgiana May

Sanctions, Partner Recognition, and Variation in Mutualism
Jeremy B. Yoder and Peter Tiffin
Lay summary:

Countdown to 150, Open Access
Megan E. Frederickson and Judith L. Bronstein

Presidential Award Winner:
Evolutionary Assembly of Communities in Butterfly Mimicry Rings
Jahnavi Joshi, Anupama Prakash, and Krushnamegh Kunte

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