September 29, 2020

Predator-Prey Interactions

Recent Papers

John P. DeLong

Henry D. Legett, Claire T. Hemingway, and Ximena E. Bernal

Barney Luttbeg, Maud C. O. Ferrari, Daniel T. Blumstein, and Douglas P. Chivers

Javier Jarillo, Bernt-Erik Sæther, Steinar Engen, and Francisco Javier Cao-García

David J. S. Montagnes, Xuexia Zhu, Lei Gu, Yunfei Sun, Jun Wang, Rosie Horner, and Zhou Yang

Open Access
William J. Resetarits, Matthew R. Pintar, Jason R. Bohenek, and Tyler M. Breech

Open Access; Special Feature on Maladaptation
Mark C. Urban, Alice Scarpa, Justin M. J. Travis, and Greta Bocedi

Special Feature on Maldaptation
Andrew G. McAdam, Stan Boutin, Ben Dantzer, and Jeffrey E. Lane

Natural History Note
Jimena Golcher-Benavides and Catherine E. Wagner

Lea M. Callan, Frank A. La Sorte, Thomas E. Martin, and Vanya G. Rohwer

Sean M. Ehlman, Pete C. Trimmer, and Andrew Sih

Open Access
Henri Berestycki and Alessandro Zilio

Open Access
Kristal E. Cain, Michelle L. Hall, Illiana Medina, Ana V. Leitao, Kaspar Delhey, Lyanne Brouwer, Anne Peters, Stephen Pruett-Jones, Michael S. Webster, Naomi E. Langmore, and Raoul A. Mulder

Natural History Note
Testing Darwin’s Hypothesis about the Wonderful Venus Flytrap: Marginal Spikes Form a “Horrid Prison” for Moderate-Sized Insect Prey
Alexander L. Davis, Matthew H. Babb, Matthew C. Lowe, Adam T. Yeh, Brandon T. Lee, and Christopher H. Martin

Space Use and Leadership Modify Dilution Effects on Optimal Vigilance under Food-Safety Trade-Offs
Rémi Patin, Daniel Fortin, Cédric Sueur, and Simon Chamaillé-Jammes

Celebrating The American Naturalist at 150, Open Access
Specifying the Harsh Conditions of Life: Resource Competition and Predation in the 1970s
Alita R. Burmeister and Richard E. Lenski

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