November 5, 2018

Evolutionary Genetics

Recent Papers 

Martin Brengdahl, Christopher M. Kimber, Jack Maguire-Baxter, Antonino Malacrinò, and Urban Friberg
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Introgression across Hybrid Zones Is Not Mediated by Large X-Effects in Green Toads with Undifferentiated Sex Chromosomes
Jörn F. Gerchen, Christophe Dufresnes, and Matthias Stöck

Chronological and Biological Age Predict Seasonal Reproductive Timing: An Investigation of Clutch Initiation and Telomeres in Birds of Known Age
Carolyn M. Bauer, Jessica L. Graham, Mikus Abolins-Abols, Britt J. Heidinger, Ellen D. Ketterson, and Timothy J. Greives
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Sebastian J. Schreiber, Swati Patel, and Casey terHorst

Julia N. Ossler and Katy D. Heath

Luis-Miguel Chevin, Olivier Cotto, and Jaime Ashander

Artificial Selection to Increase the Phenotypic Variance in gmax Fails
Jacqueline L. Sztepanacz and Mark W. Blows
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Open Access
Modeling Adaptive and Nonadaptive Responses of Populations to Environmental Change
Tim Coulson, Bruce E. Kendall, Julia Barthold, Floriane Plard, Susanne Schindler, Arpat Ozgul, and Jean-Michel Gaillard
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Most Colorful Example of Genetic Assimilation? Exploring the Evolutionary Destiny of Recurrent Phenotypic Accommodation
Alexander V. Badyaev, Ahva L. Potticary, and Erin S. Morrison
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