October 5, 2017

Thought-Provoking Am Nat at 150 (part 2)

On January 6, 2017, future Editor-in-Chief @DanielBolnick was inspired by a tweet by Erik Svensson to ask, Dear evolution-ecology twitterverse: what is the most influential American Naturalist paper, for your own career?

There were a lot of responses!
Part 1 was here:

I just bumped back into my file of captures, so here's part 2:

Butch Brodie‏
Queller 1992 pulled together disparate world views for me

Sebastian Schreiber‏
Two for me:
JH Gillespie. 1977. Natural selection for variances in offspring numbers: a new evolutionary principle
RD Holt & JH Lawton. 1993. Apparent competition and enemy-free space in insect host-parasitoid communities 

Flo Débarre‏ @flodebarre 
@seb_schreiber it should go in par with your 2015 @ASNAmNat paper. The Appendix makes everything so clear!

Arvid Ågren‏
another favourite: Mayr (1983) How to carry out the adaptationist program?

Russ Corbett‏
Charlesworth, Coyne and Barton. 1987. The Relative Rates of Evolution of Sex Chromosomes and Autosomes.

Stephen De Lisle‏
Williams 1966 Natural selection, the costs of reproduction, and a refinement of Lack's principle. Short but sweet

jim mallet‏
Maynard Smith, J. 1966. Sympatric speciation. American Naturalist 100:637-650.
Vol. 100 was v. influential! "Pleiotropism," dismissed by JMS, now seems important in speciation

Brian J. Enquist‏
Too many good ones. - how about Janzen 1967; Brown 1984; Pullium 1988
daniel cadena‏
Janzen 1967 - why mountain passes are higher in the tropics.

Gregor Kalinkat‏
Yodzis & Innes 1992; Real 1977; Oaten & Murdoch 1975 - #predator #prey #functionalresponse & #foodwebs

Timothée Poisot‏
oh yeah Real 1977. Big times.
Polis & Strong 1996, Bolnick et al 2003, Futuyma 1976, Fry 1996. I'm a biotic interactions person.

Daniel Matute‏
Noor 1997. How Often Does Sympatry Affect Sexual Isolation in Drosophila?

Matthew Hahn‏
Lynch and Force.

Martha Muñoz‏
Huey et al. 2003. Behavioral drive and behavioral inertia. Brilliant paper!!

More to come!

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