July 18, 2019


Recent Papers

Jonathan P. Drury, Christopher N. Anderson, Maria B. Cabezas Castillo, Jewel Fisher, Shawn McEachin, and Gregory F. Grether

Oscar Vedder, He Zhang, Andreas Dänhardt, and Sandra Bouwhuis

Mark A. McPeek

Open Access

Open Access
Lawrence H. Uricchio, S. Caroline Daws, Erin R. Spear, and Erin A. Mordecai

Elodie C. Parain, Rudolf P. Rohr, Sarah M. Gray, and Louis-Félix Bersier

Open Access
Pia Backmann, Volker Grimm, Gottfried Jetschke, Yue Lin, Matthijs Vos, Ian T. Baldwin, and Nicole M. van Dam

Natural History Note
James C. Mouton and Thomas E. Martin

Celebrating Am Nat 150, Open Access

Julie C. Blackwood, Jonathan Machta, Alexander D. Meyer, Andrew E. Noble, Alan Hastings, and Andrew M. Liebhold

Frederick R. Adler, Sean Quinonez, Nicola Plowes, and Eldridge S. Adams

Open Access
Pedro Branco, Martijn Egas, James J. Elser, and Jef Huisman

Natural History Note, Open Access
Katherine A. Hovanes, Kyle E. Harms, Paul R. Gagnon, Jonathan A. Myers, and Bret D. Elderd

Robert A. Laird and Brandon S. Schamp

Imroze Khan, Arun Prakash, Swastika Issar, Mihir Umarani, Rohit Sasidharan, Jagadeesh N. Masagalli, Prakash Lama, Radhika Venkatesan, and Deepa Agashe‖

Kelly J. Sivy, Casey B. Pozzanghera, James B. Grace, and Laura R. Prugh

Kristin Precoda, Andrew P. Allen, Liesl Grant, and Joshua S. Madin

Deborah E. Goldberg, Jason P. Martina, Kenneth J. Elgersma, and William S. Currie

Natural History Note
Justine J. Allen, Derya Akkaynak, Alexandra K. Schnell, and Roger T. Hanlon

Jon Richardson and Per T. Smiseth

Open Access
Remi Vergnon, Mark K. J. Ooi, and Robert P. Freckleton

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