April 30, 2019


Recent Papers

E. Keith Bowers, Jonathan B. Jenkins, Alexander J. Mueller, Kelly D. Miller, Charles F. Thompson, and Scott K. Sakaluk

Mary Caswell Stoddard and Daniel Osorio

Natacha Rossi, David Baracchi, Martin Giurfa, and Patrizia d’Ettorre

Natural History Note
Robin M. Tinghitella, E. Dale Broder, Gabrielle A. Gurule-Small, Claudia J. Hallagan, and Jacob D. Wilson

Sarah N. Mattey, Jon Richardson, Tom Ratz, and Per T. Smiseth
Lay summary: 

ASN Address
Trevor D. Price

William F. Fagan, Eliezer Gurarie, Sharon Bewick, Allison Howard, Robert Stephen Cantrell, and Chris Cosner

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