July 21, 2016

New Papers in Evolutionary Dynamics

Though we like to think that readers check out the range of articles that appear in Am Nat, we also thought it would be helpful to organize papers posted ahead of print and in recent issues by topic. Here are some from July, August, and September 2016.--Trish

“Does genetic variation maintained by environmental heterogeneity facilitate adaptation to novel selection?”

Yuheng Huang, Ivan Tran, and Aneil F. Agrawal

“Evolutionary stability of jointly evolving traits in subdivided populations”

Charles Mullon, Laurent Keller, and Laurent Lehmann

“The influence of evolution on population spread through patchy landscapes”

Jennifer L. Williams, Robin E. Snyder, and Jonathan M. Levine

“How the magnitude of prey genetic variation alters predator-prey eco-evolutionary dynamics”

Michael H. Cortez

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