September 12, 2018

Evolutionary Dynamics


Multicellularity Drives the Evolution of Sexual Traits
Erik R. Hanschen, Matthew D. Herron, John J. Wiens, Hisayoshi Nozaki, and Richard E. Michod
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Geographic Range Dynamics Drove Ancient Hybridization in a Lineage of Angiosperms
Ryan A. Folk, Clayton J. Visger, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis, and Robert P. Guralnick
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Open Access
Evolution and Manipulation of Vector Host Choice
Sylvain Gandon
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The Role of Pleiotropy in the Evolutionary Maintenance of Positive Niche Construction
Rebecca H. Chisholm, Brian D. Connelly, Benjamin Kerr, and Mark M. Tanaka

Temporally Autocorrelated Environmental Fluctuations Inhibit the Evolution of Stress Tolerance
Daniel J. Wieczynski, Paul E. Turner, and David A. Vasseur
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The Price Equation, Gradient Dynamics, and Continuous Trait Game Theory
Jussi Lehtonen
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Natural History Note, Open Access
Loss of Color Pigmentation Is Maintained at High Frequency in a Monkey Flower Population
Alex D. Twyford, Aaron M. Caola, Pratibha Choudhary, Ramesh Raina, and Jannice Friedman
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Sex-Specific Heterogeneity in Fixed Morphological Traits Influences Individual Fitness in a Monogamous Bird Population
Floriane Plard, Susanne Schindler, Raphaël Arlettaz, and Michael Schaub
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Learning to Cooperate: The Evolution of Social Rewards in Repeated Interactions
Slimane Dridi and Erol Akçay
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Thermoregulatory Behavior Simultaneously Promotes and Forestalls Evolution in a Tropical Lizard
Martha M. Muñoz and Jonathan B. Losos
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The Biased Evolution of Generation Time
Mélissa Verin, Salomé Bourg, Frédéric Menu, and Etienne Rajon
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How Parallel Is Parallel Evolution? A Comparative Analysis in Fishes
Krista B. Oke, Gregor Rolshausen, Caroline LeBlond, and Andrew P. Hendry
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Extinction Risk and Lack of Evolutionary Rescue under Resource Depletion or Area Reduction
Steinar Engen and Bernt-Erik Sæther

Unexpected Nongenetic Individual Heterogeneity and Trait Covariance in Daphnia and Its Consequences for Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics
Clayton E. Cressler, Stefan Bengtson, and William A. Nelson
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Eco-Evolutionary Theory and Insect Outbreaks
David J. Páez, Vanja Dukic, Jonathan Dushoff, Arietta Fleming-Davies, and Greg Dwyer
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Open Access
What Kind of Maternal Effects Can Be Selected for in Fluctuating Environments?
Stephen R. Proulx and Henrique Teotónio
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Open Access, Synthesis
Predicting Responses to Contemporary Environmental Change Using Evolutionary Response Architectures
Rachael A. Bay, Noah Rose, Rowan Barrett, Louis Bernatchez, Cameron K. Ghalambor, Jesse R. Lasky, Rachel B. Brem, Stephen R. Palumbi, and Peter Ralph
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Open Access
Determining Selection across Heterogeneous Landscapes: A Perturbation-Based Method and Its Application to Modeling Evolution in Space
Jonas Wickman, Sebastian Diehl Bernd Blasius, Christopher A. Klausmeier, Alexey B. Ryabov, and Åke Brännström

Diversity and Coevolutionary Dynamics in High-Dimensional Phenotype Spaces
Michael Doebeli and Iaroslav Ispolatov
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Open Access, Synthesis
Fundamental Theorems of Evolution
David C. Queller

Evolution of Thermal Reaction Norms in Seasonally Varying Environments
Priyanga Amarasekare and Christopher Johnson

Open Access
Poison Frog Colors Are Honest Signals of Toxicity, Particularly for Bird Predators
Martine E. Maan and Molly E. Cummings
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Open Access
Evolution of Inbreeding Avoidance and Inbreeding Preference through Mate Choice among Interacting Relatives
A. Bradley Duthie and Jane M. Reid
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Epistasis-Induced Evolutionary Plateaus in Selection Responses
Arnaud Le Rouzic and José M. Álvarez-Castro
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Open Access
The Evolution of Mutual Mate Choice under Direct Benefits
Alexandre Courtiol, Loïc Etienne, Romain Feron, Bernard Godelle, and François Rousset
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Adaptive Value and Costs of Physiological Plasticity to Soil Moisture Limitation in Recombinant Inbred Lines of Avena barbata
Hafiz Maherali, Christina M. Caruso, Mark E. Sherrard and Robert G. Latta

“Does genetic variation maintained by environmental heterogeneity facilitate adaptation to novel selection?”
Yuheng Huang, Ivan Tran, and Aneil F. Agrawal

“Evolutionary stability of jointly evolving traits in subdivided populations”
Charles Mullon, Laurent Keller, and Laurent Lehmann

“The influence of evolution on population spread through patchy landscapes”
Jennifer L. Williams, Robin E. Snyder, and Jonathan M. Levine

“How the magnitude of prey genetic variation alters predator-prey eco-evolutionary dynamics”
Michael H. Cortez

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