April 5, 2017

Recent Papers in Evolutionary Dynamics

Eco-Evolutionary Theory and Insect Outbreaks
David J. Páez, Vanja Dukic, Jonathan Dushoff, Arietta Fleming-Davies, and Greg Dwyer
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JunePaez.html

Open Access
What Kind of Maternal Effects Can Be Selected for in Fluctuating Environments?
Stephen R. Proulx and Henrique Teotónio
Lay summaryhttp://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JuneProulx.html

Open Access, Synthesis
Fundamental Theorems of Evolution
David C. Queller

Evolution of Thermal Reaction Norms in Seasonally Varying Environments
Priyanga Amarasekare and Christopher Johnson

Open Access
Poison Frog Colors Are Honest Signals of Toxicity, Particularly for Bird Predators
Martine E. Maan and Molly E. Cummings
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/JanMaan.html

Open Access
Evolution of Inbreeding Avoidance and Inbreeding Preference through Mate Choice among Interacting Relatives
A. Bradley Duthie and Jane M. Reid
Lay summaryhttp://amnat.org/an/newpapers/DecDuthie.html

Epistasis-Induced Evolutionary Plateaus in Selection Responses
Arnaud Le Rouzic and José M. Álvarez-Castro
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/DecLeRouzic.html

Open Access
The Evolution of Mutual Mate Choice under Direct Benefits
Alexandre Courtiol, Loïc Etienne, Romain Feron, Bernard Godelle, and François Rousset
Lay summary: http://amnat.org/an/newpapers/NovCourtiol.html

Adaptive Value and Costs of Physiological Plasticity to Soil Moisture Limitation in Recombinant Inbred Lines of Avena barbata
Hafiz Maherali, Christina M. Caruso, Mark E. Sherrard and Robert G. Latta

“Does genetic variation maintained by environmental heterogeneity facilitate adaptation to novel selection?”
Yuheng Huang, Ivan Tran, and Aneil F. Agrawal

“Evolutionary stability of jointly evolving traits in subdivided populations”
Charles Mullon, Laurent Keller, and Laurent Lehmann

“The influence of evolution on population spread through patchy landscapes”
Jennifer L. Williams, Robin E. Snyder, and Jonathan M. Levine

“How the magnitude of prey genetic variation alters predator-prey eco-evolutionary dynamics”
Michael H. Cortez

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