October 5, 2017


Recent Papers in Adaptation

Luis-Miguel Chevin, Olivier Cotto, and Jaime Ashander

American Society of Naturalists Address
Trevor D. Price

Matthew M. Osmond, Sarah P. Otto, and Christopher A. Klausmeier

Open Access
Stephen R. Proulx and Henrique Teotónio

Natural History Note
Terry J. Ord, Thomas C. Summers, Mae M. Noble, and Christopher J. Fulton

Open Access
Kimberly J. Gilbert, Nathaniel P. Sharp, Amy L. Angert, Gina L. Conte, Jeremy A. Draghi, Frédéric Guillaume, Anna L. Hargreaves, Remi Matthey-Doret, and Michael C. Whitlock

Open Access
Roberto F. Nespolo, Jaiber J. Solano-Iguaran, and Francisco Bozinovic

Katrien H. P. Van Petegem, Jeroen Boeye, Robby Stoks, and Dries Bonte

Synthesis, Open Access
Sean Hoban, Joanna L. Kelley, Katie E. Lotterhos, Michael F. Antolin, Gideon Bradburd, David B. Lowry, Mary L. Poss, Laura K. Reed, Andrew Storfer, and Michael C. Whitlock

Natural History Note
Bradley C. Allf, Paul A. P. Durst, and David W. Pfennig

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