March 15, 2019

Syntheses and Perspectives

The Synthesis and Perspectives section publishes visionary re-evaluations designed to move fields of ecology, evolution, and behavior forward.

Nighttime Ecology: The “Nocturnal Problem” Revisited
Kevin J. Gaston

Animal Coloration Patterns: Linking Spatial Vision to Quantitative Analysis
Mary Caswell Stoddard and Daniel Osorio

Toward Understanding the Repeated Occurrence of Associations between Melanin-Based Coloration and Multiple Phenotypes
Luis M. San-Jose and Alexandre Roulin

Fifty Years of Mountain Passes: A Perspective on Dan Janzen’s Classic Article
Kimberly S. Sheldon, Raymond B. Huey, Michael Kaspari, and Nathan J. Sanders

Open Access
Coupling, Reinforcement, and Speciation
Roger K. Butlin and Carole M. Smadja

Theoretical Approaches in Evolutionary Ecology: Environmental Feedback as a Unifying Perspective
Sébastien Lion
Lay summary:

Mechanisms of Assortative Mating in Speciation with Gene Flow: Connecting Theory and Empirical Research
Michael Kopp, Maria R. Servedio, Tamra C. Mendelson, Rebecca J. Safran, Rafael L. Rodríguez, Mark E. Hauber, Elizabeth C. Scordato, Laurel B. Symes, Christopher N. Balakrishnan, David M. Zonana, and G. Sander van Doorn

Comparative Analyses of Phenotypic Trait Covariation within and among Populations
Kathryn S. Peiman and Beren W. Robinson
Lay summary:

An Ecological Perspective on Sleep Disruption
Kévin Tougeron and Paul K. Abram
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Cannibalism and Infectious Disease: Friends or Foes?
Benjamin G. Van Allen, Forrest P. Dillemuth, Andrew J. Flick, Matthew J. Faldyn, David R. Clark, Volker H. W. Rudolf, and Bret D. Elderd
Lay summary:

Open Access
Predicting Responses to Contemporary Environmental Change Using Evolutionary Response Architectures
Rachael A. Bay, Noah Rose, Rowan Barrett, Louis Bernatchez, Cameron K. Ghalambor, Jesse R. Lasky, Rachel B. Brem, Stephen R. Palumbi, and Peter Ralph 

Open Access
Fundamental Theorems of Evolution,
 David C. Queller

Shaping the Latitudinal Diversity Gradient: New Perspectives from a Synthesis of Paleobiology and Biogeography, 
David Jablonski, Shan Huang, Kaustuv Roy, and James W. Valentine

Open Access
The Case of the Missing Ancient Fungal Polyploids
Matthew A. Campbell, Austen R. D. Ganley, Toni Gabaldón, and Murray P. Cox

Open Access
Finding the Genomic Basis of Local Adaptation: Pitfalls, Practical Solutions, and Future Directions 
Sean Hoban, Joanna L. Kelley, Katie E. Lotterhos, Michael F. Antolin, Gideon Bradburd, David B. Lowry, Mary L. Poss, Laura K. Reed, Andrew Storfer, and Michael C. Whitlock

See for details and submission instructions. A short proposal is required for Syntheses and Perspectives; it will be given full and constructive attention.

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