November 13, 2019


Recent Papers

Thomas Brandt Ryder, Roslyn Dakin, Ben J. Vernasco, Brian S. Evans, Brent M. Horton, and Ignacio T. Moore

Open Access
Lalasia Bialic-Murphy, Christopher D. Heckel, Robert M. McElderry, and Susan Kalisz

Between- and Within-Individual Variation of Maternal Thyroid Hormone Deposition in Wild Great Tits (Parus major)

Bin-Yan Hsu, Irene Verhagen, Phillip Gienapp, Veerle M. Darras, Marcel E. Visser, and Suvi Ruuskanen

Open Access
Edward J. Almond, Timothy J. Huggins, Liam P. Crowther, Joel D. Parker, and Andrew F. G. Bourke

Open Access, Natural History Note
Mohamed Abdelaziz, Mohammed Bakkali, José M. Gómez, Enrica Olivieri, and Francisco Perfectti

James L. L. Lichtenstein, Ambika Kamath, Sarah Bengston, Leticia Avilés, and Jonathan N. Pruitt

Carolyn M. Bauer, Jessica L. Graham, Mikus Abolins-Abols, Britt J. Heidinger, Ellen D. Ketterson, and Timothy J. Greives

Pluck or Luck: Does Trait Variation or Chance Drive Variation in Lifetime Reproductive Success?
Robin E. Snyder and Stephen P. Ellner
Lay summary:

The Energetic Cost of Reproduction and Its Effect on Optimal Life-History Strategies
Asta Audzijonyte and Shane A. Richards
Lay summary:

Mating Opportunity Increases with Synchrony of Flowering among Years More than Synchrony within Years in a Nonmasting Perennial
Amy Waananen, Gretel Kiefer, Jennifer L. Ison, and Stuart Wagenius
Lay summary:

Sex Allocation Theory for Facultatively Sexual Organisms Inhabiting Seasonal Environments: The Importance of Bet Hedging
Nina Gerber, Isobel Booksmythe, and Hanna Kokko

Adaptive Foraging of Pollinators Can Promote Pollination of a Rare Plant Species
Gita Benadi and Robert J. Gegear
Lay summary:

A Physiological Signature of the Cost of Reproduction Associated with Parental Care
Melinda A. Fowler and Tony D. Williams
Lay summary:

Multivariate Sexual Selection on Ejaculate Traits under Sperm Competition
Rowan A. Lymbery, W. Jason Kennington, and Jonathan P. Evans
Lay summary:

Collector Motion Affects Particle Capture in Physical Models and in Wind Pollination
Dori McCombe and Josef D. Ackerman
Lay summary:

Natural History Miscellany Note
Dispensing Pollen Via Catapult: Explosive Pollen Release in Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)
Callin M. Switzer, Stacey A. Combes, and Robin Hopkins
Lay summary:

Selfing Can Facilitate Transitions between Pollination Syndromes
Carolyn A. Wessinger and John K. Kelly

Open Access
The Consequences of Polyandry for Sibship Structures, Distributions of Relationships and Relatedness, and Potential for Inbreeding in a Wild Population
Ryan R. Germain, Peter Arcese, and Jane M. Reid
Lay summary:

The Behavior and Reproductive Physiology of a Solitary Progressive Provisioning Vespid Wasp: Evidence for a Solitary-Cycle Origin of Reproductive Castes
Hans C. Kelstrup, Klaus Hartfelder, Tiago Falcon Lopes, and Theresa C. Wossler

Offspring Size and Reproductive Allocation in Harvester Ants
Diane C. Wiernasz and Blaine J. Cole
Lay summary:

Mechanisms of Assortative Mating in Speciation with Gene Flow: Connecting Theory and Empirical Research
Michael Kopp, Maria R. Servedio, Tamra C. Mendelson, Rebecca J. Safran, Rafael L. Rodríguez, Mark E. Hauber, Elizabeth C. Scordato, Laurel B. Symes, Christopher N. Balakrishnan, David M. Zonana, and G. Sander van Doorn

Open Access
Do Sperm Really Compete and Do Eggs Ever Have a Choice? Adult Distribution and Gamete Mixing Influence Sexual Selection, Sexual Conflict, and the Evolution of Gamete Recognition Proteins in the Sea
Don R. Levitan
Lay summary:

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